• What's It Like Being Trans?
                                                                   Read more
  • What Happens When You Can't Go Home...
         What does it mean when you can”t go home for the Holidays? What does it mean when you can’t go home because your family would not accept the Read more
  • How Do You Do It?
    For many of my clients, some type of dysphoria is usually the number one issue that they struggle with.  Dysphoria with your gender or sexual identity can lead to depression, Read more
  • What I Wish I Could Say
    Mom,It has been so long since we talked… Well, Since we both talked.  I talk to you or think to you almost every day.  Are you surprised that I think Read more
  • How Do You Know?
    ME: Hi! My name is Christina and I am Trans.Them: OMG! Hi! I never would have known!Me: Ummmm, well that’s because I am just being myself.Them: How did you know?     So, that’s how Read more
  • Coming Out of the Dark
    This article touches on Suicide and therefore may be traumatic.For so many people like me, we have been coming out since we were 5 or 6.  From the very first Read more
  • The Mountains we Climb
    To me, Coming Out can best be described as climbing a mountain. You can see where you want to go, but the closer you get the harder it becomes.  As Read more
  • Four Words
    Recently, my best friend sent me a Facebook post, “What Are the First Four Words You See? These will be your Focus for 2021”. Usually I look at things such Read more

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