Why Work With Me?

Why not work with me? 

I have the unique perspective of being a Transwoman that never has to come out, yet here I am.  I have lived a mostly stealth life over the last ten years.  It is a privilege I have enjoyed.  However, in order for me to come to you authentically, I need to be open about my experiences and story.  I started doing this as a volunteer almost 10 years ago with a PFLAG chapter in Indiana.  One of the very first people I worked with was a young woman in a relationship with a Trans person.  This young woman was struggling.  She was uncertain of how to best show love and intimacy towards her partner.  She was afraid of hurting her partner.  She asked me how best to do this. My reply to her was to ask her partner how she needed to be loved.  Her partner was the one with the answer not me.  Just a few months ago the young woman reached out to me and thanked me.  She told me that she was not with the same person, but the advice I had given her was still serving her today.  She told me she was getting married to her new partner who was also Trans and that they were extremely happy.  Moments like that are what I live for.

 I identify as LGBTQ.  My pronouns are she/her and I use the term Queer when people ask.  Honestly, I don't like the labels.  I should be able to express my gender any way I choose and to be attracted to any person I choose, without having to explain myself.  Hopefully, we get to that point someday.  

As an LGBTQ person I have experienced all types of harassment. In the workplace where I first transitioned, from my immediate family and friends, sexual harassment as a CIS presenting woman, and discrimination as both.  I have lived a life on both sides of the gender spectrum.  I have struggled with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  I am a semi-colon.  I have lost people I love because of their in-acceptance. I know what it is like to come out every time you meet someone new and all the fears and uncertainties that come with it.  My journey has had its share of highs and lows.  

I served in the Army as an Infantry soldier for 11 years, to include time in Iraq.  Since then I have navigated the VA system to receive most pot my healthcare, to include the care necessary to transition.

 I want to use everything I have learned and experienced to help others on their journey.  I want to see you succeed.  I have worked with all types of LGBTQ people to overcome the varied and many challenges we face.  I hope you allow me to be your Coach and travel with you on this path to self discovery, fulfillment, and authenticity.  

Where I am not busy working with other LGBTQ+ individuals, I enjoy getting on my bike or hiking around Colorado.  

I am a member of the Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce.

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